Thursday, July 24, 2014

Download: Elissa 2014 Album @elissakh #HaletHob البوم اليسا - حالة حب

She does not make bad songs, only hits, and thanks to her loyal fans, they always come to her defense no mater what. Their queen or romance is Elissa and she knows how dear she is to them, so she keeps the hits coming.

Elissa sticks to the safe formula that has always worked for her, catchy tunes to girlish sensual grade lyrics, performed into a dreamy voice. She followed this style ever since she shot to fame. Loud, dance music, that makes you jump, then her broken spirit voice starts telling a story. The story tends to be the good girl that did everything right, she loved right, but she got cheated. A story she told many times. But she always makes it sound fresh and worthy of your attention.

She is romantic in music, but not in her life--at leas in the part we know of. Here, she gave 14 tracks that range in styles, all are actually good. I am sort of have grown past her charm, but I still like to follow her music. She is an A list artist whom Rotana holds in high regards. She does works hard, and she makes good choices--at least in songs and music. I cannot wait to listen to each of the tracks once Ramadan ends...

I do not get the album cover art, I think Elissa is dealing with the issue of aging, the bunny ears tell she still sees her self as a sex symbol--many keep talking about her loveless life. But perhaps she is happy and has all she needs in her big bank account.

Download the album Here

P.S. May lord have mercy on Gaza and its people.
01 - Awel Mara
02 - Law Etaabelna
03 - Ana Nefssi
04 - Beraghm El Zorouf
05 - Omr Gedid
06 - Ana Magnoona
07 - Wagat Alby
08 - Insana Bereeaa
09 - Add El Ayam
10 - Bataly Tehebeeh
11 - Helwa Ya Baladi
12 - Ya Merayti
13 - Hob Kol Hayaty
14 - Halet Hob

Download the album Here


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